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"D" Day has finally arrived!

After 7 months of bringing a dream to fruition, our Sprinter is finally ready for the "journey". As reflected in the "Sprinter Build" page, we have completed 99.9% of the build and time to get out on the road. This morning we tweaked a few things and got the rig ready for the road.

We departed Seattle this afternoon (Thursday, 8/9) for Port Angeles. With reservations on the Blackball ferry for the 9:30 run to Victoria we will spend the night snug in the Sprinter. We have an 8:00am appointment with one of our sponsors, GoPower in Victoria. The GoPower team really stepped up to provide us with all of our electrical needs based off 500 watts of solar, 440 amp hr batteries and a 2000 watt pure sine inverter... it works beautifully. More on the Solar setup from GoPower in a future post. Go to Sponsors on menu for a glimpse of the system.

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