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Photo Shoot at Go Power

Part of any decent build is planning for your electrical needs. Our needs were met by the fine people @ Go Power solar based in Victoria, BC.

About three months into the build (March) we were ready to make some decisions on what electrics we would incorporate into the van. With really no 110VAC needed, our focus was on 12VDC given that all of our lighting is DC as is the Isotherm frig, water pump and Espar diesel heater (a future post will be dedicated solely to the Espar function and install). I wanted to maintain as much "off grid" capability as possible. Given that we seldom camp in RV camps or near power utilities our desire to be self sufficient in power and water was a priority.

A very good friend and RV guru extraordinaire, Chad Thornsley, advised us that integrating an efficient solar energy system that would meet our needs was obtainable. Chad hooked us up with Go Power, who in turn saw the possibilities for marketing their products via our Sprinter build. Given our plans to be "on the road" for a year, there would be some serious visibility. Go Power stepped right up and offered us their Solar Elite charging system. We were ecstatic with the thought of having a solar energy system on board that would us off grid functionality, and one that honestly would have been way beyond our resources.

With some guidance from Chad, we installed the entire system, batteries, breakers, fuses, inverter and solar panels in about two days. Since install the system has worked flawlessly!

At the near completion of the build and planning our journey it was clear we needed to stop by Go Power to offer our thanks and meet the people behind the sponsorship. We were contacted by marketing director Eva Mitic who invited us to stop by Go Power corporate offices. We couldn't wait to get on the road, with first stop in Victoria.

As we drove the Sprinter into the Go Power parking lot early Friday am, we were welcomed by Eva Mitic, Marketing Manager, and Mark Spilsbury, Business Development Manager. They were anxious not only to see the solar system setup, but overall build. We later had the pleasure to meet other Go Power team members who warmly welcomed us and commented so positively about the build and the system install. Eva, dynamic marketing manager she is and associate MaryAnn suggested we do a photo shoot at a nearby lagoon (see photos below). We had a great time watching the two work their magic in capturing the essence of the Go Power products installed in our van.

More images of power system install at Sponsor page.

During our time at Go Power we were very fortunate to pick up some great resources from the team on places and things to see and do in the Victoria and southern island area.

As we continue on our journey we will report on the use and function of our solar / power systems. Stay tuned.

MaryAnn, Jeannie and Eva

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