Threading the needle ….

With some meds on board...Jeannie is ready to go for it...….. find the "best" air in the west.. that is one tall order! With hours scouring the Airnow internet site and Storm site and great desire to hike, bike and just plain relax we seek some light and relatively smoke free environment in central Wyoming. We reprovision the Sprinter and set the GPS for Boise.

We so value our friendships throughout the country, and our dear friends in Nampa Idaho, Mike and Carol Poe are no exception. We stop in to see them for the evening and so enjoy their company. Mike tried to convince us to do some white water rafting with him on Sunday, but with Jeannie on meds and recovering from respiratory issues we gratefully bow out and take a rain check for another time. We leave Nampa/Boise Sunday morning heading for Jackson WY. The air quality hits bottom in central ID. We have our fingers on the "recirc" button the entire trip and are wondering if we made a mistake, getting over the crest of the Tetons the air gets better, but is still rated moderate in quality. We head for our favorite campground, Gros Ventre (Grow...Vont) and easily find a perfect spot to park the Sprinter. We are encouraged by the forecast for Monday - RAIN.... up to .4" of inch. It's raining when we turn in for the night to our delight we have heavy rain and thunder storms all day. We shop town...heading back to camp Jeannie receives a weather advisory that the snow down to 8500. Having lived here for quite a few years, I was excited to hear that as the Tetons are absolutely stunning with a dusting of new snow. Tuesday am, no disappointment... breaking clouds, bluebird skies and new frosting on the peaks.

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