A couple weeks "chillin".

Having been both an employee and "tourist" to Grand Teton national Park since, 1970, well needless to say I knew the Park well and driving though Jackson knowing we needed a campsite, we headed north for the Gros Ventre campground. We arrived 8/26 and having wandered the PNW in the "unhealthy" air for the past weeks wanted to settle in and relax and hike and ride. We ended up staying for a couple weeks getting back to Seattle for Jeannie's commitments on 9/10.

This was our third visit to GTNP together, but our previous trips here were rather short given we were two up on my R12GS (motorcycle) which given the limited room for gear prevented us from doing lengthy hikes and of course cycling. Now traveling in the Sprinter we could really gear up and bring the essentials (and then some). We spent time in and out of the Park, doing some fantastic day hikes (Amphitheater Lake, Holly Lake and more) and racking up some decent miles on the road bikes. Other than the park roads and trails set by the park service we were pleasantly surprised with the really nice bicycling trails (asphalt) that Teton County built for the locals around Jackson and Teton Village.

Since leaving Seattle early August this now was really the first time we were settling into a groove, relaxing and enjoying our surroundings. One day we might be cruising town as tourists hitting the shops and boulongeries and other days putting in a 50 mile bike ride or a 15 mile 3500' vert hike... the couple weeks we spent in the Tetons were cathartic and all the hard work invested in the Sprinter build out was contributing to this attitude. The benefits of what we had envisioned during the Jan - July van build out were coming to fruition.

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