Pompey's Pillar

We left Seattle area headed to the Midwest …. on a mission. The next few weeks would find us making contacts and scheduling time to connect with relatives (both of Jeannies and mine). The folks we wanted to see were in northeastern North Dakota and in Minnesota. Enroute we would have the opportunity to visit a couple relatively unknown but worthwhile historic and natural parks.

First day out of the chute we visited my son Nick and his GF Chelsie in their new home in Coeur D' Alene, ID. It was great fun to connect with them even if for only an overnight. We continued to head east across Montana headed for ND. East of Billings we stopped at Pompey's Pillar. This unique historic site holds the only remaining physical evidence of Lewis and Clark's travels on their renowned trail. We were quite surprised by the very modern and well kept visitors center as well as the well laid out trails and displays. The site sits on the shore of the Little Missouri river. Of special note was the signature Clark had left carved into the sandstone "on" Pompey's Pillar. Pompey by the way was the name of the son of Lewis and Clark's guide Sacajawea. This prominent geologic feature is visible for miles around and was used as a waypoint to guide travels west along the Lewis and Clark trail.

If you are ever traveling I-94 across eastern MT, take the time to visit this site just a mile or two off the road.

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