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Ski Tracks - the app

I've added another menu item - SKIING. This new page will give record of our ski adventures as we move into 2018-19 ski season.  We will post photos, log data and journal the good, bad and ugly days of the season.  We will ski local through the holidays and head out after the first of the year to lay down lines at areas all over the west.  

As we do during the cycling and hiking season we like to record our activities data, it sets waypoints and timelines for us to reflect upon down the road.  We will be using an app on our iPhones - Ski Tracks, to record this data.  It is a cool lil app that takes very little battery energy in the course of an eight hour plus day.   Very simple to use.  Before you start the app and load the lid left just clear the phone of background running apps, start Ski Tracks and stash the phone in close to your warm core for best longevity. 

I’ve compared Ski Tracks to other similar apps and pencil/paper calcs to confirm that the app is recording real deal data.  You will see graphical analysis of speed, altitude as well as cumulative data. 

Here are a few screen shots of Ski Tracks. There is a myriad of data the app records and reflects visual tracks on satellite view of the area.

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