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If you have been with me since the inception of this BLOG you may have also followed my travels via the Spotwalla app that I added to the front page. Some folks are a bit confused as to the operation and function of the SPOT (personal locator device). I have used a SPOT device for going on over 12 years now. the SPOT has accompanied me on climbs, hikes, moto tours and other remote vehicular travel. It works where cell technology is non existent. Of course there is no guarantee for a response (at least relatively immediate) in certain areas of the world, but offers piece of mind when traveling and if nothing else offers friends and family a "view" and data of ones location.

The SPOT is in essence, a small personal EPIRB as used on aircraft. When the SPOT is turned on (activated) it uses satellite technology to triangulate on ones location. The data generated is sent to an agency in Colorado which monitors and facilitates the information which is then provided to the user to be used as they desire. There are a number of features on the SPOT that provide services beyond just viewing ones travel waypoints. The SPOT also provides user opportunity to request both non-emergency and emergency (SOS) response. When making the SOS request, the monitoring agency (24/7/365) contacts the closest EMS/LE agency and indicates exact waypoint location for emergency response. This can be done worldwide, although agency response and quality of care would certainly vary by geographic location.

I have used the free website Spotwalla to facilitate the data from SPOT and created my own personal page which reflects travel and waypoints. Another unique feature is a customizable "button" which I use at the end of a day when I am camped, the use of the "OK" button sends my message to a select few friends and family, that this "place" is where I am for the remainder of the day / night.

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