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Sprinter Build -

On the road for going on one full year now and must admit that the interest expressed in the Sprinter has certainly surpassed anything I had imagined. The most common questions asked have been: Who did the conversion? Is it 4 wheel drive? Where has it been? What is on the inside? How long did it take to build and the sequence of component integration. It's the question, "what's on the inside?" that literally "opens" the (side) door.

Short of giving the interested a tour of the rig, I may indicate a lack of time to give a tour and offer my travel card with added comment to email or text me if there are any questions of comments. In the course of my travels I have come across a number of guys offering their critique and comment of "should be added" or "adapted". I always thank the contributor for their idea and have actually integrated a few of these into the build.

In almost every conversation I am asked what is in that van? I have recently added an inventory list to the page "Sprinter Build" page. I tried to list the parts and tasks in as close to chronological order as I could recall. My next thing to do will be to do BLOG posts on individual systems or components such as the Epsar hydronic heat system, GoPower solar system, fresh water install and after market addons, wheels, tires, performance tune, racks and steel bumpers, and front guard.

Just as I indicate to all my contacts on the road, I would encourage you to email me with comments, ideas or questions!

Happy New Year and best wishes to you in 2019!



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