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Waaay overdue!

After letting the BLOG "sleep" for over a year, and still living in the Sprinter for going on the third year, well how do I explain the absence of content? Many things have happened since leaving my then rented home in Auburn, WA back in July 2018. So many things I've chosen and then so many others being handed to me (us) as well.

I've had grand intentions of continuing updates on travels, updates on the Sprinter operation and component function and adding more photos and videos of "life" as it has happened.

I guess you could call this a wake up call. With over 77,000 miles now on the Sprinter and living in the Covid world as we know it (quite confusing) and winter approaching to get back on the Blog pony and make this thing a worthwhile resource.

In the weeks to come I'll offer photos and videos of the Sprinter as it has performed for the last almost three years as well as some reporting on daily life on the road.

Please stay tuned as I bring Advbasecamp back to life!

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